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Staff and Consultants

Staff and Consultants


Jessica Shea, LCSW

Have you ever experienced flow or that state of operation where you are totally immersed in a feeling of energy, focus, and enjoyment from an activity? We get there by following our values to guide our activities. Jessica approaches counseling and consulting from a values-based perspective, guiding her clients to investigate and solidify their core values and work toward rebuilding their lives, or their company, around these beliefs so they can experience flow.

Jessica has over 10 years experience in counseling, marketing, small business startups and non-profit launches. She has helped people overcome severe childhood trauma, overcome depression and harness the energy of anxiety or anger. She has helped some of those same people go on to launch profitable and fulfilling startups.  
Individual sessions with Jessica cost $125 per hour. To receive more information or schedule a session with Jessica, fill out our Contact Us form here.

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Kaelin Large, MSW

Kaelin graduated with her Master’s in Social Work in May of 2018. Before graduation, she was responsible for running a small HUD-funded agency responsible for housing formerly chronically homeless individuals. In this position, she was responsible for overseeing case managers, supervising individual cases, and facilitating training sessions throughout the Memphis and Shelby County Consortium of Care.

Kaelin has experience in running nonprofits and businesses of various size, including her own landscaping and home repair business. She is passionate about helping others define, plan for, and reach their goals in order to live their best life. Kaelin enjoys consulting on issues related to employee management and interpersonal conflict.


Melissa Gross, MA

 She likes Big Stats and she cannot lie! (Mostly because numbers do not lie!) Melissa has 5+ years experience working with stats, research, and program evaluations. She worked for the Navy assisting in evaluating social programs, Sailor quality of life, and spouse support programs. During Melissa’s time at the University of Memphis, she completed research projects in different labs, as well as an independent project that evaluated military students’ satisfaction and belonging on campus. This project lead to lasting changes within the University and the improvement of the relationship between military students and the University. Melissa also has over 10 years experience presenting on and teaching leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills through leadership programs, the Boy Scouts of America, and various volunteer organizations.  

Melissa has a background in Psychology and Counseling, and currently works as a therapist and practice manager at Forward Counseling.

One of Melissa’s biggest skills is creating and implementing client satisfaction surveys. Client satisfaction surveys and business evaluations are useful tools for any business. Evaluations allow businesses to identify their strengths and areas for improvement through the eyes of their clients/customers and employees. This allows business owners to make impactful changes without wasting time and money.

Consultations with Melissa are priced per job. To receive more information or schedule a session with Melissa, fill out our Contact Us form here.